What if I have a credit on my account?

A refund check is issued to a taxpayer who has a credit balance on their bill, provided that they supply the Town with the proper information and they have no other outstanding taxes due and payable to the Town.

If the credit was caused by overpayment, a request for refund should be accompanied by a copy of the canceled checks (front and back) for the fiscal year(s) in which the credit(s) exist. If the property has recently been purchased or refinanced, please also include a copy of the HUD Settlement Statement, which lists the details of the taxes paid at the closing.

If the credit was caused by abatement, the refund will automatically be issued unless the property has changed hands during the fiscal year. When the credit on a real estate bill is a result of an abatement, the refund total may include 8% interest. The refund interest is calculated from the abatement date or the due date of the tax (whichever is later), to the issue date of the refund.

The refund will usually be returned to the record owner. If the property has been sold during the fiscal year to a new owner, the date of transfer (deed date) and the information on the HUD Settlement Statement will determine who is eligible for the refund. If you have any questions, please email us.

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