Plumbing Application

Fees as of April 1, 2009

  • Plumbing New Construction - $100 basic plus $10 per fixture.
  • Plumbing alterations, renovation and repairs - $60 basic plus $5 per fixture.
  • Commercial plumbing repairs and alterations - $60 basic plus $20 per fixture.
  • Residential and Commercial replacement or installation of gas, oil or electirc hot water or storage tanks - $60.

Please note that a reinspection fee of $50 does apply.  A separate permit shall be filed for each dwelling unit.

All fees will be doubled if work is started without a permit.

Make checks payable to the Town of Clinton. A separate check is required for Plumbing and Gas Applications. 


Massachusetts Uniform application forms may be used. Plumbing applications (PDF) are available at the Board of Health Office, Town of Clinton Website or from the Plumbing Inspector.

Applications (PDF) and fees may be mailed to:

Mr. Ken Poulin
Clinton Board of Health
242 Church Street
Clinton, Massachusetts 01510

For questions, call or text 978-337-9823 - please between 7 am and 9 am.