How does eBill work?
The Town of Clinton sends bill information to MCC where it is processed and made available for you. You can then log into the Town's website or eBill and pay your bills. You will receive an email to notify you when your payment has been posted to Clinton's records. You can also view the current status and payment history of all eBill payments. All information gathered is on an encrypted, secure server and is not sold or released for any reason other than to complete a transaction.

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1. What is eBill?
2. How does eBill work?
3. How do I register?
4. Which bills can I pay?
5. What forms of payment can be used on eBill?
6. What are the costs for using eBill?
7. What are convenience fees?
8. May I pay my tax bill by credit card at the Collector's Office?
9. May I schedule my electronic payment for a day in the future (say, August 1 or November 1)?
10. If I have additional questions or I am having trouble registering for eBill, who should I call?