Open enrollment Period: 

April 01, 2021- April 30, 2021

Open enrollment occurs during the month of April and is your annual opportunity to add or change medical, dental and/or vision plans. This is also your time to add or drop eligible dependents from coverage. The only other opportunity you have to make these changes is when you experience a qualifying life event such as a birth or adoption of a child, marriage, divorce, loss of coverage, etc.  

All changes will be effective 

Medical 06/01/2021 

Dental 07/01/2021

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Town of Clinton and Clinton Public School employees: 

The Town of Clinton is a member of The Minuteman Nashoba Health Group (MNHG) which is a coalition of Massachusetts towns and school districts which have joined together to purchase affordable and comprehensive healthcare for employees, retirees and their eligible dependents. To learn more   

All employees eligible for benefits, including those who have previously waived health or dental insurance may enroll during the open enrollment period. Open enrollment will be from now until Friday, April 30TH, 2021.  Email to ~ Benefits@ClintonMA.Gov 


If you choose to change any part of your coverage, you must do so during the Open Enrollment Period.  During this Open Enrollment period you may:

  • Change medical and/or dental coverage; 
  • select from individual or family coverage
  • Enroll yourself and dependent(s) in a medical and/or dental coverage
  • Terminate medical and/or dental coverage for yourself and dependent(s)
  • Update your address if you have recently moved


Please include: Marriage license, birth certificates, divorce decrees to verify eligibility of the employees/spouses/dependents that are enrolling in the health plan


Enrollment forms must include: Full Legal Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number for all employee/retirees/dependents


Be use legible handwriting 


Retiring Soon?

For those of you planning retirement, our group requires enrollment in our health insurance plan at the time of retirement in order to continue that coverage into retirement. If you are presently covered by your spouse’s health insurance but will need health insurance in retirement, you should enroll during an open enrollment period prior to your retirement.

In addition, a reminder for those nearing age 65 – if eligible, you and/or your spouse should sign up for Medicare Part A while you are an active employee; you should defer your enrollment in Medicare Part B and then enroll when you retire (to prevent any late enrollment penalty). Massachusetts law requires that, if you are eligible for free Medicare Part A, you must sign up for Medicare Part B.

All changes will be effective Medical 06/01/2021 Dental 07/01/2021