Collector & Treasurer

New Online Bill Payment Center

Residents of the Town of Clinton can now pay their motor vehicle excise, personal property, real estate taxes, and water/sewer bills online. There is no charge for payments made through a checking account, but there will be a convenience fee for debit and credit card payments which will be disclosed before the completion of the transaction.

Payment of personal, property, excise taxes, and water bills may be made in-person during normal business hours or online by clicking Here

Mission Statement

The Department is a combined Collector/Treasurer office.

The Town Collector’s office is responsible for collecting all taxes and committed bills issued by the various town departments. All payments are recorded, posted, updated, and deposited daily. The Collectors staff is committed to providing our customers with up-to-date information on their accounts in an effective and efficient manner – using guidelines established by the Department of Revenue and Town Ordinance.

The Town Treasurer’s office is responsible for the receipt, posting, classifying, depositing, and investment of all money belonging to the Town. This also includes the issuance of all Town payroll (Town and School Dept) and vendor checks on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. Other responsibilities include administrating Tax Title & Foreclosure accounts, Debt Services, Trust Funds, Investments, and bank account reconciliation.

Bill Collections

  • Real Estate Bills
  • Personal Property Bills
  • Water / Sewer Bills
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Bills
  • Departmental Accounts Receivable Billing
  • Deputy Collector Mark and Clear
  • Municipal Lien Certificates

Tax Titles

  • Tax Liens
  • Tax Lien Agreements
  • Tax Lien Foreclosures
  • Foreclosed Land Sales


  • Borrowing
  • Investments
  • Reconciliation
  • Vendor and Payroll
  • Check Distribution

Summary of Employee Benefits and Coverage